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Lovers and enthusiasts of buses and coaches

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There are many enthusiasts and lovers of the bus and coach transport. Each of them is passionate about this from various reasons. Some of them like the old buses, others can sense the excitement only to new vehicles. A lot of people are interested in planning schedules, launching new routes, and collaboration between different methods of transport. Some are interested in urban transport, and others exclusively in long distance transport. There is another group of people, they like to photograph the vehicles, some of them have a whole virtual galleries divided into numerous sections, including urban, suburban and long distance vehicles, or large, medium and small vehicles. You can find out yourself by viewing galleries on
Some enthusiasts create profiles on Facebook, or create their own websites (check the links below).

Facebook profile Fans website

But in fact, sometimes you can fancy bus transport, from completely different reasons - sometimes it’s a concern for the environment, and sometimes financial considerations.
Worthy of attention, are also fans of technology that is used in public transport. Some fans, at countless transportation forums, write in details of implemented inventions. We ordinary, everyday users don’t even have the idea that some type of vehicles uses a technological innovation.

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