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Farewell to the Megabus sleeper coach service

Posted in Industry news

Unfortunately, today we have got a not great information for the Megabus' Gold sleeper coach services users.
Megabus has just announced that is going to withdraw its overnight connections from next month.

The overnight sleeper coach services which run between Scotland and London will stop to operate from the 21st of May 2017.

Astonishing is that with this type of innovative product/service has not been maintained and enlarged. With such long distances with about 10 hours ride, it had been a very promising solution.
The overnight services had been unusual by offering onboard coach attendants, Wi-Fi, leather seating and complimentary snacks and refreshments during the journey. We can say that these services had provided more than just a coach ride.

The sleeper coaches entered the British market in 2013. We wrote about this here:

You can still use this service; you have a little longer than a month. To book your ticket please visit

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