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Getting you where you want to be this Christmas for £ 1 or 1 EUR

Posted in Budget travel

Very good opportunity to spend holidays abroad! Megabus is offering cheap journeys for only £ 1 or 1 EUR one-way! The price includes travel and free transportation of luggage.

Megabus has released extremely cheap tickets for £ 1 or 1 EUR for their domestic and international routes. This time you can book tickets until January 5th! Even tickets from London to Barcelona are available at this price. The number of tickets for that price is limited, so do not hesitate and buy a ticket now.

This is a good opportunity not only to purchase cheap tickets for only £ 1 in the UK, but also from the UK to France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and even Spain! Lots of tickets for Christmas and New Year's Eve period!

NOTE: The prices shown are correct at the time of writing this post. Prices are subject to change at any time.

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