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My help on TripAdvisor and Yahoo Answers underestimated

Posted in Europebus news

As a private person I really like to take advantage from comments and reviews on TripAdvisor and Yahoo Answers. In my opinion the best is to take advises from people who visited a particular place or benefitted from certain services or „situations". I think that most people would agree with this, but….

Recently I am confronted with this kind of situation that my responses / answers which I have been giving on these tourist portals (TripAdvisor and Yahoo Answers) are regularly erased.

As a co-owner of the EuropeBus website I know perfectly what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means, so I do understand what is positioning to promote a website and I do understand that such practices are not allowed, however ....
I always try to help people who ask for help.

Of course I have been giving answers or reviews that are associated with coach transportation. Most of my answers have been selected as the best answer or I have been receiving thank yous from the questions authors.
My answers are always reliable and they include; timetables, fares, names of operators, travel times and other information if needed, and of course links to the EuropeBus website or to other operators and websites. I try to help people who can not afford an expensive taxi, and who like myself think that ticket prices for trains or flights are over-priced.
Very often people do not even know of the existence of coach services and even if they know they think that the coach transport is not modern nor comfortable.
What amazes me that there are so many answers that do not provide any reliable information or just a link which redirects to other websites. Believe it or not such accounts are not blocked.

I think there may be some kind of conspiracy or should I rather say a favoring of rail and airlines services. It is very intriguing that the people or institutions who promote rail and aviation services do this without any consequences. These portals are extremely accommodating towards them.

It is quite embarrassing and discouraging that despite my good intentions and willingness to help I have been treated like an unwanted guest there.

One thing I know for sure if someone will ask me for help on these portals I will never refuse. So see you at the TripAdvisor or Yahoo Answers websites. Bye

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