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Adverts - a new brand with a new promotional campaign

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If you read yesterday's blog post you will know it was totally dedicated to the new Stagecoach's brand -

It is surprising that a couple of years ago, none of the existing carriers would even think of such a product as a sleeper coach. The economic crisis has certainly caused a lot of harm in the UK, especially in households. However for companies it is an impetus to change, to look for new solutions.

You could say that the coach companies have benefited from the crisis. People began to look for other, cheaper alternatives to travel. During this period, a lot of people have moved from very expensive trains and planes to long-distance coaches. Unfortunately, something for something the old saying says, "time is money" - for coaches is it so - you pay less but the travel time is longer and the comfort of travelling can be worse or rather different (matter of opinion). That's why Stagecoach when introducing the new product - focused on increasing comfort.

The new certainly not can be associated with a small tight folding seat and a few hours of torment caused by the lack of any activity. Now it is something completely different, it's not a typical coach journey. What you will get now is:

On-board Services

  • Whether you’re preparing for a meeting or catching up with friends online, you can stay connected with the free on-board WiFi and power sockets.
  • As you travel, you will enjoy complimentary snacks and refreshments – perhaps a cup of tea and a scone or, if you’re feeling a bit more peckish, a sandwich might just hit the spot.
  • It will all be served by your on-board steward, who will accommodate your needs and answer all of your questions. Just press your call button if you need anything.

See yourself, take the 360° tour:

As I wrote in the subject line, the new product has also a new advertising campaign, slightly reminiscent of airlines advertising campaign, but not these cheap airlines: find out yourself:

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