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Insure yourself and your luggage before you leave on holiday

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Before going on holiday, you should also think about insurance in case of unforeseen situations which may occur during the journey. In my opinion, so that the journey is stress-free, you should never travel without travel insurance. Good insurance should cover: loss of cash and goods, cancellation of travel and the main treatment abroad.

Travel insurance

During your journey it may happen a nasty surprise in the form of theft, damage or loss of baggage and for such an eventuality it is best to be insured. An agreement is concluded for the time of departure or the period of one year and usually it does not include loss of jewelry, works of art, and other particularly valuable items.

Why get insured before travelling, do I really need insurance when travelling?

Travel insurance is a financial instrument by which we can eliminate or significantly reduce the risks associated with the loss of our financial status in relation to the necessary expenses as a result of unexpected and unpleasant events that can happen to us during foreign or domestic journey. Below are examples presented showing situations when insurance can be useful.

  • Costs associated with treatment of injuries after accidents (this includes us and our loved ones - parents, children, spouses - with whom we go on holiday);
  • Expenses incurred in connection with the rescue operation carried out (spendings for the actions taken by the emergency services associated with the search for us or our loved ones);
  • Costs of medical transportation back home after an accident for further treatment;
  • Expenses incurred in accompanying the injured person (these are costs associated with transport, accommodation and meals);
  • Compensation when by our fault or negligence is injured another person or equipment or property or luggage;
  • Expenditures to repair our damaged equipment.

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