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Travel in comfort from the UK to the Baltic countries and Russia, by coach!

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If you are going to go to Estonia or Russia, part of your journey will take place in one of the best Eurolines’ vehicles, namely Eurolines Lux Express. What does Lux Express offer? I’ll say comfort, convenience and modernity ...

The Eurolines Lux Express is very nice and comfortable. It has much higher quality than coach transport in most European countries, however, you must realize that a comfortable journey by Eurolines Lux Express is something completely different than the business or first-class travel in expensive airlines.

If you take advantage of Eurolines, then you don’t have to pay £5000 for the journey, but approximately £100-200.

And what you get?

  • Private lounge at the back of the Lux Express coach
  • Comfortable leather seating with table
  • Water
  • Muesli bar
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary hot drinks
  • Complimentary newspapers
  • Climate control
  • Power outlet (220 V)
  • Audio-video program in cooperation with TV channel "Seitse"
  • Wider space between seats - more legroom
  • Toilet

Below are links to few videos and pics on travel by Eurolines Lux Express and of course, please read the information on our website regarding these journeys.

Movie 1
Movie 2
Movie 3

Europebus’ pages about travel from London to Estonia and Russia

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Tickets for the journey with Eurolines from UK to Estonia and Russia can be purchased on our website or the websites of Eurolines UK or National Express.

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