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This is where you will find detailed information about how to travel by coach within Britain and from the UK to the rest of Europe in an interesting, convenient and cost-effective way. is the best on-line travel guide for people who want to travel by coach or bus.

Our website is designed to help tourists choosing a coach as a means of transport. We want to prove that a coach journey is an inexpensive, simple and convenient option. contains useful information on the national coach connections: Manchester, Oxford and to British airports: Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton, Stansted and many more. provides not only information about buses to Glasgow, Cambridge or Bristol but a large part of our site is dedicated to information on international routes by coach, for example: London to Paris, London to Amsterdam, London to Brussels, London to Frankfurt, London to Berlin, London to Rome, London to Warsaw. is an intermediary in the sale of tickets for domestic services in the UK, offered by National Express and Megabus and international transportation offered by Eurolines. We offer cheap bus tickets when travelling to chosen destination. Using our coach time tables you can very easily and quickly choose the time which suits you best. What's more, you can reserve a hotel or hostel, exchange currency or rent a car. Travel West Midlands bus check the time using our bus time tables. Book now and enjoy your journey!

There are many of reasons why you should take a journey by coach, here're a few:

  • One great advantage of travelling by coach is that customers are making that journey in more and more modern and comfortable vehicles, in which passengers can feel safe during the journey. Some coach operators, in addition to standard equipment are offering increased legroom, free wireless internet access, video or DVD and refreshments.
  • The prices are affordable, as opposed to travel by plane or train. Even a few days before the scheduled journey, you can buy a ticket at a surprisingly low price.
  • Travelling by bus you can see incredible views, the architecture of cities and towns and many more.
  • There is possibility of making new acquaintances.
  • Travelling by coach, we contribute to environmental protection. Fuel consumption is much lower than aircraft, making it very friendly to our environment.
  • You can travel directly between the European capitals, including: from London to Paris, London to Dublin, London to Amsterdam, London to Brussels and London to Berlin.

How to use our website?

Our service is very easy to use. If you are looking for information about international coach services, simply choose a country from the list, which is located on the left side of the screen. Each of these countries has its own separate page, where you will find the timetable, the general conditions of carriage, tariffs and the possibility of buying tickets. In the same way we present information about coach transfer to various British airports. In general, we present a transport offers provided by National Express, Megabus and Eurolines in the UK.

Coach company websites:

  • National Express allows you to check intercity coach times across the UK, you can also buy tickets.
  • Go to Megabus to check the current timetable, purchase tickets, check your place of departure, etc.
  • Go to Eurolines website to check timetables, prices for international services and conditions of carriage.

Europe has an extensive international network of coach connections. International coach travel isn't only intended for people who do not like to fly planes. Many people choose to travel by bus because it's cheap. There are many budget airlines that offer cheap flights but they sell cheap tickets only for a long time before departure.

So if you don’t like travelling by plane, you don’t have to do that. EuropeBus gives you the possibility to choose another means of transport. It’s astonishing that London has so well developed network of coach connections to most European countries, even those very distant.

Coach to Europe and Ireland isn’t limited to London, you can travel from almost every town and city in Britain. The difficult bit for travellers is finding out how to do it and where to buy tickets for international coach services.  That is why we have created EuropeBus - to make it easier for you!

EuropeBus will tell you the existing routes, coach times and fares from London to major destinations all over Europe.
Eurolines links the UK not just with Amsterdam, Paris or Dublin, but with destinations all over Europe. You can travel from the UK to Belgium, France, Ireland, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Portugal, Morocco, Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Scandinavia, the Baltic states and many others.

On the EuropeBus website we present more precisely descriptions of the busiest routes: London to Paris, London to Brussels, London to Amsterdam and London to Frankfurt.

Europe's largest coach operator Eurolines serves over 500 cities. Tickets can be purchased through our website. Cheap tickets for the international bus journey can be obtained even on the day of departure.
Eurolines also offers International Coach Passes. Eurolines Passes also tend to be cheaper than international rail passes. They are less flexible in terms of frequency of departures and number of destinations. Eurolines Pass allow unlimited travel to 46 cities in Europe.
Eurolines in the UK offers a low-cost fare called Funfare. Funfare is a special offer with a limited number of tickets for a surprising low price.

British long-distance coach connections are performed by National Express. National Express is the largest and most popular coach operator. Connections made by the National Express connects hundreds of towns, cities, villages and most airports. It's a low cost carrier. NX offer many special offers such as: Over 60's Discount Travel, Young Persons Coachcard, Family coachcard & Brit Xplorer. With each of these offers you can save a lot and you can reach over 1000 places in the UK.

Another British coach carrier is Megabus. Launched in 2004 has grown rapidly and now operates between over 50 destinations within the UK. The Megabus network stretches from the Highlands of Scotland to south-west England, connecting some of the UK’s most popular destinations, including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Cardiff. Megabus from 2012 has also become an international carrier. The carrier offers services between London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Bologna.

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